I was at Ozark Natural Foods yesterday doing a bit of grocery shopping, so that the Mr. and I wouldn’t starve the rest of this week, and I treated myself to a jar of Ricemellow Creme! Going vegan a few years ago, I had to make little sacrifices to my sweet tooth (or should I say teeth!) and marshmallows were one of those! The vegan versions are so darn expensive that I rarely treat myself to them and marshmellow creme, well the alternative stuff is just hard to come by. So, when I saw a few jars at ONF yesterday, I snagged one. As I was driving back home I dreamt of rice crispy treats, whoopie pies, magic cookie bars and ricemallow creme and almond butter sandwiches. …my mouth is salivating just typing this!

So, when lunch rolled around today I knew what I was having – a ricemellow creme and almond butter sandwich! Yumm-me! It’s literally been years since I’ve eaten this meal and I promise I won’t let allow that much time go by before I eat another one of these. …In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s on the menu for lunch tomorrow! Until then…I’ll just dream sweet ricemellow creme and almond butter sandwich dreams….


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