Heywood-Wakefield China Cabinet

So, I finally took a few pictures of the lovely Heywood-Wakefield China Cabinet I found on the Tulsa Craigslist. I was only able to fit the bottom piece in the Subaru to bring home, so I’ll be picking up the shelves/glass top of it on my way back through Tulsa next week.

I got it home and it fits perfect in my nook! Hopefully one day I’ll find the rest of the dining room pieces in this style and color to go with it (first, I actually need space for a dining room!). Here are a few pictures of the piece without the top. I’m not even sure what style of Heywood-Wakefield it is, but whatever it is, it’s now my favorite! It needs a little refinishing to get back to it’s original glory, but it’s not in that bad of shape to use as is for a few years!

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