Oh My…

I picked up the top to my Haywood Wakefield china cabinet on my way home from Wichita on Thursday night. My brother, who is passing through for the evening (he played a Hooters Tour event this week in Miami, OK and had his best 4 day round all season! E, -3, -4, -4! Go Matt!), and Brian surprised me and brought it up a flight of stairs to our condo this afternoon. Mucho gratias!

The first thing I did was move the pictures above the bottom of the cabinet and add the top part to it. Then, I thought I’d wait until tomorrow to move some of my Russel Wright dishes to it, but I just couldn’t! Once I put the glass doors and shelves in the cabinet and the art back on the wall, the empty space called out for some dishes!  Seriously…I audibly heard it say, “Bring those great mid-century dishes and make me look even snazzier”! So, I moved my Good Earth Pottery and a place setting of four nutmeg-colored Iroiquois Russel Wright dishes and it looks gorgeous. I still need to fill the bottom part of the cabinet, but that can wait. The top part of the cabinet is now all decorated and looking like a bazillion bucks! (yep, that’s right – a bazillion bucks!)


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