Back to Summer…

I’m boarding a flight later this morning to head to Kansas, but  I’ve so enjoyed my few days in Chicago – the weather was just perfect (50 and sunny!) and the visit with my friend, Katie, was great! It was wonderful to spend all day Saturday  in her Lincoln Park neighborhood visiting the little boutiques and eating some delicious meals! We tried two vegan restaurants (Karen’s Bistro and The Chicago Diner) that were delicious and made me really happy!

Though I didn’t do any of the big sight-seeing things tourists usually do in Chicago, other than using my Saturday long run as an excuse to venture around Lincoln Park and enjoy the (windy) shore of Lake Michigan, it was the perfect weekend in the city!  Overall, it was a super relaxing weekend and since I know I’ll spend many more of them in this city, I will do all the ‘tourist-y’ things at a later date. …no need to cram everything into one visit and feel exhausted when you leave! So, off to Kansas for a couple of days and then back to the Deep South for the rest of the week! It sure will be nice to visit my childhood hometown and see family and friends next weekend, but I sure do wish I could bring fall with me!


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