Go Brother Go!

First off, Go Matt! I got a call when I was driving across Kansas this afternoon from my brother with some exciting news – he let me know he finished his Monday Qualifier round for the Nationwide event this week in Chattanooga, TN with a 67. Great, solid round! He was waiting on a few groups to come in to see if he took one of the 7 spots for this weekends tournament, or if he would have to play in a playoff for a spot.  A couple of hours later he let me know he finished in 3rd place for the day and the guys who shot 68 had the playoff. What great news! Here is his post about today – http://mattfastgolf.wordpress.com/2011/10/04/chattanooga-monday-q/

I’m super proud of Matt and am glad his playing is going well these last few weeks. We are hoping for two great rounds on Thursday and Friday and then news that he made the cut for the last two rounds on Saturday and Sunday. Everyone in the family knows he can do this and is super proud of him!

Okay, so aside from golf, my travels are going well. I’m headed down to Mississippi tomorrow to spend about 6 days in the South. I’m already salivating thinking about drinking my morning cup of Cups Coffee on Wednesday morning! I’m pretty sure I’ll fill every free inch of my bag with Cups coffee beans! I sure hope that their pumpkin flavor is brewed and available for sale this month! MMMmmmm…..


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