I’m not quite ready for cold!

I made it home last week after a wonderful visit in Mississippi with old friends and my dear mom and mimi and then packed up and flew to Michigan on Sunday. Somewhere between the time I packed on Saturday and today, I think the weather changed it’s mind and decided to go from mild to cold! Tomorrow and Thursday the high is only in the 40’s. That’s a Southern winter. Come on Michigan, show me some love! I was dreaming of colorful leaves, crisp mornings, beautiful runs and sunny skies. I’m pretty sure tomorrow it will be a soggy, windy, and chilly day (which equals treadmill running – oh goodie). Dispite the damp, cold weather, I’ve had a wonderful week so far. I’ve dined at some of my favorite places, had some great visits, and even had a slice of cake from my very favorite Midwest bakery!

After spending Monday and today in the western/central part of MI, I headed back to the Detroit area. I really wish I could have spent a little more time in Grand Rapids (It’s one of my favorite cities to travel to…believe it or not!), but I’ll see it again after the winter (snow + Ash = bad driving!). I did however perk up a bit tonight when I was scouring Whole Foods looking for a vegan chocolate chip cookie and found a piece of vegan chocolate cake from (dramatic pause) Avalon International Breads! My all time favorite bakery! What a way to end a long day! Delicious!



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