So, its been a good week. The colors in Fayetteville are gorgeous, Halloween and Trick or Treat on the Square at the shop went well (B sported what could only be referred to as a creeper look), and I only had to run 12 miles on Saturday!

As of today, I’m in the enchanting city of Charleston. The weather is great and I’m very excited about a wonderful bayside run in the morning. …I guess it’s bayside because the city isn’t on the beach, but on the water. Nonetheless, it should be a great sunrise run! I’ll be here a few days attending a wonderful conference. Though most of my days will be spent inside, I’m hoping to enjoy the sights a bit too!

Late next week I’ll be heading to Charlotte to run my NC marathon. I always get nervous the week before a race. Like somehow my 18 weeks of training won’t help me make it through the 26.2. I know – crazy! All my long runs this training go round have been wonderful, so I hope that race day goes just as well!

I’ve been meaning to post some fall color pictures, so I took some on my walk to the shop yesterday…oh and a few from Trick or Treat on the Square!









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