Well, what did you do today…

If you must ask, I ran 26.2 miles…and I’m very tired! It was a gorgeous day in Charlotte, NC and I had a very beautiful run. However, the rolling hills got to me around mile 21 and things got rocky there. Well, let me back track – I started running at 7:45 this morning and it was a nice, clear, and dry day – which is great for a race! The temps were around freezing, but knowing they’d be in the mid-50’s by the time I finished, I opted for shorts (burr!). The first 12 miles went by really quickly. I was holding around a 9 min pace and chatting with a Charlotte local, which made time go by quickly.

By mile 13 the few hundred of us who were braving the full marathon split off from the thousands of half marathoners and things got pretty lonely. Lucky for me (or so I thought), I brough my iPod to help with the quietness. I quickly found out that somewhere between the charging and adding a special run mix to it and this point in the race, it had turned itself on and the battery had drained. Boo! So, musicless, but upbeat I continued on. I was still ahead of the 4:15 pace I was shooting for and still feeling good.

By mile 20 this started to change – the ol’ legs started to get tired. My mind was staying ‘go, go, go’ and my legs were sort of not complying with that command! I trudged on and the best surprise of the last 6 miles was when I got to mile 22, I thought I was just at 21, so having an ‘extra’ mile appear was the wonderful! However, that happiness was short-lived when the 4:15 pace group passed me and I knew I was a little behind my goal time! The last 4 miles were toughies, but a little walk/running and I crossed the finish line in 4:17 and was still able to get around and enjoy the rest of my day!

So, race number 17, state 16 (…I think!) is complete. Which puts only 34 more states to go! Now, I think a week of rest from running (if I can even make it that long from not taking a little short run) is just the ticket!

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