Where has time gone?

So, it’s been a while. Since I last blogged a lot has been going on. First, one of my sisters got married. The Mister and I flew to Portland for the weekend to enjoy the lovely ceremony (see a few pictures below from the beautiful day and of the gorgeous couple!). They did the shindig right – small, cute (short!) ceremony and a fabulous reception at a super fun furniture/coffee shop. I know that sounds like a funny combo, but the place was amazing! I wish we had old warehouses here in Fayetteville…. We had a great time in Portland. We hung out with family, ate some delicious vegan fare, and even got to visit with a few of the vendors we use at the shop.

Another big annoucement – we are opening a second location of The Mustache. Well, not we exactly, but with our help, my parents are relocating to Bentonville and opening the shop in mid-July. It’s been under wraps and in the plans for a while and all the pieces fell into place, and shazam! – location number two. The padres pack up and make the cross country drive from Phoenix to Arkansas on Friday. Yeah! I’m looking forward to having them close by and working with them. So, I’ve been working tirelessly this week (on my PTO from my real job I might add!) to set up shop. I’ve been painting…oh so much painting!….sealing counters, making art decor, rolling racks, and getting inventory set. Tonight I spent a while at my sewing machine working on triangle garland for their window displays. And if all goes right, we’ll open the doors two weeks from Friday! I’m pretty pumped and am looking forward to this new adventure in the life of our little shop!

So, to make up for (or try to) lost time, here is a little photo extravaganza of the last month or so!

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