Under a rock…

That’s where I’ve been. No, not really. But you know when life gets busy and you look back and think – ‘where did time go?!’. Well, that’s what happened. I’ve been a busy bee – travel, holidays, etc. The list could goes on! It was a great holiday season and I had lots of fun with all my siblings traveling to Arkansas for a visit. Between reading in my spare time, traveling for work, and moving out of our condo into a rental, life has been pretty busy.

Okay, so I’ll ease back into posting I’ll give you the quick run down – in August we sold our condo and moved into an itty bitty rental (you get quite cozy in about 550 sq/ft). It’s only a couple of blocks from our condo, so it didn’t disturb life much – still walk everywhere, but I do miss hot showers (we paper/rock/scissors to see who showers first since the hot water lasts about 5 minutes!), central heat and air (that’s been an adjustment to window units) and my gas stove. Oh, I miss that gas stove! The funniest part is the snake-skin wallpaper enveloping the bathroom and the flourescent light. Many a morning I walk to the shop, look in the mirror, and think…hum, where did those stray eyebrow hairs come from!

We have settled in with the second shop. My parents are doing a great job with it. So, I’m able to settle back into normal day-to-day between shop duties, real job duties (librarian job), and attempting to keep up the house…those dishes just pile up a lot fast than they use to!

And last, we are going to start the building process on our new house in the next month or so (first draft drawing below – we tweaked the outside a bit, but it looks really simliar to that for the final draft). Yeah! We have had a lot in downtown for over a year now and with the sell of our condo, we’ll be able to build on it. We have great architects and the plans are finished. Now we are picking outside finishes, working to hire a builder, getting soil samples, etc. We are hoping to be in it this fall. Both of us are looking forward to the process and a bit more space (oh, and hot showers!).

So, all that to say, hello. It’s been a busy last six months or so, but I’m back. Baking, reading, traveling, and running (oh, two spring marathons are in the works: Olathe, KS and Ojai, CA). My sewing days are on hold now while we build, as my machine is packed neatly in a box…somewhere!

Bailey House




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