Travels and Teeth

Where did March go? For me I spent 75% of the month on the road. So it’s good to be home half of April! My travels in March took me to the lovely early spring weather of the South – New Orleans, Charleston, and Austin. Each trip brought warmth and sunshine to the day. In New Orleans the azaleas were in full bloom, the live oaks were dawning their new spring coat, and the sunshine was warm and toasty! In Austin it felt like summer – it hit 90 one day! Dispite the heat and the abundance of warm sunshine, being able to wear sandels and shift dresses made up for the heat I’m not so fond of …summers have got to be brutal there!

LSU Lakes

Jackson Square


With the lovely travels came an unwanted toothache. After two weeks of slight pain that wasn’t going away, I made it to the Dentist this week. Turns out my last baby tooth (yes, that’s right I still am hanging on to one baby tooth that doesn’t have a permanent tooth under it) is dying from the inside out. Boo. I can’t remember the technical term for it, but it doesn’t sound or feel good! Then I woke up this morning and it’s starting to swell. Bad news bears! So, that means the little lady has to get extracted (hopefully very soon) and I ‘get to’ get an implant. Sounds fun right? (expensive too!) 

I started to think about it…since it’s genetic that I don’t have a permanent tooth under that baby tooth – shouldn’t something like this be grandfathered in to be covered by my parents eve though I’m grown and gone? I mean, I wouldn’t be getting an implant if I had genetically gotten a permanent tooth under this baby tooth. So, with that logic mom and dad should foot the bill! Right?! …That logic didn’t work with them. My dad just laughed. I probably would have too if I were in his shoes. My youngest sister has this same thing with her teeth – I told her to start saving because she’s only got about 10 years left on her baby tooth! 


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