Races, Tattoos, and Hair

What do races, tattoos, and hair have to do with each other? Well, those were the highlights of my last month. I’ll start with races. I’ve run two marathons in the last month (and am running my third in Southern Cali on Sunday). I ran the Garmin Marathon in Olathe, Kansas. It was a beautiful morning, ran with a couple great ladies in the 4:10 pace group and ended up with a 4:08 finish. I was happy with that. And then Brian and I ran a rouge marathon that went from the Bentonville Square to the Fayetteville Square – that was a blast!

Garmin Marathon April 2013

Off to the next item – tattoos. Well, more like one tattoo. Before I get a new tattoo my rule is that I must want it for at least a year. This prevents (or hopefully prevents!) any unintended regret (i.e. my lower back tattoo when I was 18 – at least no one really sees that one…not even me – I avoid it!). So, after about a year of thought I got another tattoo. This one was on my feet. My last few pieces have been hobby related and this one fit right into that. I put an outline of the US (go team USA!) on my feet and a dot in every city I’ve run a marathon. I knew I’d forget one…and sure enough I left out Charlotte. Oh well! I’ll add it back in next round. I didn’t put HI and AK on the feet yet because I wasn’t sure where to place them. After going through with this (yes, I shed a couple of tears…) I am rethinking of where to put these two states. I’m pretty sure they’ll be somewhere other than the top of the foot! I’m happy with it.

Running Tattoo

 Now, off to the hair portion of this post! After growing out the locks for a couple of years today was the big haircut day. I chopped off over 12 inches for Locks of Love. I thought I might be a little sad loosing all the hair I’ve grown sort of fond of, but I wasn’t. I got a good haircut from Sunshine and was happy in the end. I won’t miss those nasty clogged drains or big rat knots after a long run. I will have to dry it each time I wash it (oh the joys of fine and thin hair – why God decided to give people that combo I’m not sure!). It was a great process and I feel glad that I can donate this hair to a little girl who wants a nice wig. I hope it goes to a good home when I mail it in tomorrow!


Now, I have one more work day until I take a 5 day weekend and catch a flight out to Southern California for my last spring race. I’m thinking about joining the 4 hour pace group and running a sub-4 if I’m feeling up to it. Maybe my freshly cut hair and aerodynamic just shaved legs will be just the ticket to making this happen! Regardless of my finish time, my goal is to have a great day running from the mountains of Oaji, CA to Ventura Beach, CA. It should be a blast! After the race I plan on being lazy on the beach and reading a book or two!


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