To the Wild Wild West…

What up? It’s been too long. Too long. I’ve been busy doing good summer things over the summer. You know those things? Travel, pool lounging, long and humid early morning runs, seeing family and friends, little vacations…summer things. With the cooler weather this week (I even think we set a record low one morning!), it’s starting to feel like fall. My favorite season, and I couldn’t be happier! Fall for me means a bit of an uptick in travel. So, later today I’m flying out to Las Vegas for a few days of shop work (buying clothes/shoes for spring…yes, spring 2014!), then I’m hopping over to the San Francisco area for a week. Having never spent time in Northern Cali, I’m pumped! Though I’m working remote for the week, I’ve got a great weekend planned since Brian flys in to join me for some fun! Then Labor Day weekend B and I are catching a flight over to Lake Tahoe to celebrate my childhood best friends 30th B-day with his wife and kiddo, and a group of other lovely friends. I can’t wait! I round out the trip visiting some of my libraries in Western Michigan. I think it’s going to be a wonderful trip, filled with great company, yummy food, and fun runs…..more to come!


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