From XNA to LAS to SFO

Sometimes I feel like I live thinking in airport codes. I can name the three letter codes to many, many airports in the US. I hop around to these each month and know certain terminals like the back of my hand. For instance, I know that I can find great food options in MSP (Minneapolis), for MEM (Memphis) I better pack a lunch, and ATL (Atlanta) has taken out most of it’s Starbucks in the terminals that I fly in/out of, leaving me scratching my head to try and remember which side of the terminal the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is now located it (…for some reason their new nifty touch screens that help you navigate the terminal are always out of service or in process of repair!). 

These last weeks I’ve seen the inside of at least 4 airports and plan to see a few more before this trip is all said and done. Last week I spent a few days in LAS (Las Vegas). Not literally in the airport, but nearby! I watched planes come and go each evening, all the while gazing down on the strip from my hotel room. Most of my daylight hours were spent at one of the big convention centers in the city visiting with store vendors. It was tiring, but productive (always is!). It’s one of those things I have a love/hate relationship with. I love seeing all the folks we work with, but I really don’t like Las Vegas too much. First of all, the heat. I’m more of a light snow in the mountains kind of girl. Second, the smells while I run. Well, back to the heat while I run, but the ‘city’ smells are second! And last, I’ve concluded folks don’t know how to drive well there. Maybe everyone is a tourist like me and looking around, but despite that…follow the rules of the road! Back to the good – I spent the week buying goodies for the shop, picking out clothes for spring and shoes for spring. I picked up a few new lines and am very excited about some fun spring colors (lots of tangerine and dark mint green!)

One of our favorite companies to work with

Me and Liz Bohannan (found of Sseko)

I spent three whole days at market and then caught an flight to SFO (San Francisco). This is my first time in the City by the Bay and the weather is great! I’m not sure if I’m sold yet on the amount of people that live here – I can literally see 15 houses out the front window of where I’m staying! That might be a little too close for comfort. I consider myself a city girl, but I like the higher rise places with neat shops lining the streets. …but the 70 degrees and sun in the South Peninsula of the bay makes up for that, or at least one can overlook it!

Since getting to San Fran, I’ve enjoyed some lovely cool morning runs (it smells like fall here all the time!), afternoon hikes, a Sunday sunrise yoga class in Palo Alto, a bit of shopping (of course!), and just some general R&R. I’ve read two books, enjoyed french press coffee each morning, and have made sure to try and take in as much of the local flavor as possible – including, but not limited to, a local art fair this past weekend and watching the Goat Rodeo Sessions at the Greek Theater at UC Berkeley.

I’ve still got a couple days left in the Bay Area before heading to RNO (that’s Reno, my friends) to hang out with friends at Lake Tahoe for Labor Day weekend. Though I’ll have been away from home for almost three weeks by the time I arrive back, it’s been restful and enjoyable. Those are always the best trips!

Today’s agenda includes a little hike around Muir Woods Park north of the city and then a little time a Fisherman’s Wharf and a stroll through the Mission District.

Morning Run in Las Vegas

Morning Run in Las Vegas (add in 90 degree heat and you’d be here with me!)

San Carlos

My San Carlos office for the week – I could (and have) sit outside for hours!



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