I felt like I just blogged, but it’s been quite a few weeks. A good few weeks though – our house finally got started! The foundation work is done, first floor concrete is poured (including first pass at the polishing), windows ordered, and framing starts next week. Goodie! It’s exciting progress and I can’t wait to see the frame up when I get home in a couple of weeks from my next trip. 

(photos – first photo our downstairs polished concrete floor; second – the foundation work at our lot)


Speaking of the next trip, I am traipsing across the country…first a quick flight down to New Orleans for work (and sneaking in a little visit with Mimi and Matt), then I’m catching a flight next Friday to Portland to see the sisters and run the Portland Marathon (checking off state #19), and then off to the home offices for work in the Northeast. A little humidity…some drizzling rain…and topping it off with (hopefully) beautiful fall leaves! Along with some fun library visits, I’ll get to see lots of family, friends, and good sights. I’m also looking forward to yummy vegan food in Portland!

So, one more day until the weekend and a lovely trip to the South, Pacific Northwest, and Northeast! Stay tuned for news on the marathon and how that goes!



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