A minor set back…

So, last Sunday I got up and it was only a little after 5 am and I couldn’t fall back asleep…in fact, I wrote my last blog post right before this incident. Versus just laying in bed, I thought I’d get up and back a batch of muffins for me and Brian. In the process, I stubbed my toe REALLY hard on my bike trainer. It wasn’t even set up in the middle of the room, but tucked close to our kitchen island area. Nonetheless, I caught it hard and went down. Over the course of the next two days I did lots of RICEing and not a lot of walking thinking it would get better. It did a little mid-week and then by yesterday I was feeling good about things…thinking maybe I’d only be out of running/biking for two weeks max. I got this. Then last night I took one wrong step and shooting pain. I knew at that point it was more than a bad stub/jam. I woke up in pain three times last night and finally decided to go to urgent care  this morning.  Of course I’m out of town on a work trip, Michigan to be exact, so I bundled up and found a place that takes my insurance. A very nice doctor took three x-rays and as I walked over to look at them I saw the break. Baby tears started to fall. He handed me kleenex and said to stay off it for a least two more weeks while it calcified/started to heal. Since I’m one week into it, I’ve basically got another 4-5 weeks of staying off of it and then I can start back with running, etc. I might be able to hop on the bike and swim in the next two depending on how it’s healing. Anyone know a way to speed this up?! I doubt it. So, that puts me out for my spring races and now I’m on the fence about being able to race the Kansas Half Ironman in June. I am going to play it by ear for the next two weeks, but have to make a decision by April 1, as at least I can get $75 bucks back! Better than loosing it all! So, for the time being, I’ll be buddy taping my toes and practicing LOTS of yoga and hopefully have some awesome arms (weights) by summer. I’m sure I’ll shed a few more tears, but I know that there is a reason (even thought I would love a better story on how I broke it!) and a few weeks off in the long run won’t kill me. But man, it’s hard now!


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