Detox Time

So, today starts the beginning of week 3 of 6 with the broken toe healing. Things are going well. I’ve been at the gym working my core, arms, and back all week. I’m missing the runs and bikes, as this week it’s been sunny and in the 60’s. Perfect outdoor workout weather! Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I can start walking normally again and enjoying some evening strolls, but for now the gym works fine!

Since I’m sidelined from hard workouts for a few more weeks I thought it was a perfect time for a little detox. I eat very well normally, but every so often feel a little blah. I had been feeling this way a bit before the foot happened, so I thought this would be the perfect time to focus on eating again and get that on track so my come back to workouts will be even easier. Last week we had our yearly meeting with the company and with that comes an afternoon of meeting with publishers and seeing what new books they have coming out. We also are able to take copies of some of the titles they bring. I picked up a ton of great new cookbooks and novels to keep me busy reading for a while! All that to say, one of the titles I picked up was Ani’s Raw Food Detox.

Raw Food Detox

I’m always a little critical of detoxes. Most don’t have adequate calories or fat and leave you feeling hungray (hungry/angry!). I read the first few chapters and really liked what she had to say, so I kept reading and it’s a great/easy read. Plus it’s for 15 days and starts with 3 days of smoothies and cold raw soups and then transitions to more smoothies/salads/soups for the last 12 days – I can do that! It provides enough calories each day to allow me to keep going to the gym and yoga (it’s a trip seeing me doing yoga with a broken toe, but time on my mat is much-needed!) and still get the effects of a detox. I love that she has coconut oil and soaked nuts in some of her smoothies the first three days. I wasn’t hungry at all yesterday and feel good starting day two. I have to say, I went half-calf on my coffee during this. I did cut out the rest of the foods she suggested – pretty easy as I don’t eat animal products, rarely eat gluten, and stay clear of soda and alcohol. Half-calf seemed like a good compromise!

I did also made the decision this week to cancel spring races and focus on healing the foot. Brian and I have found a marathon in July in Utah and think that would be a perfect come back marathon. I’ll also do a local olympic distance triathlon in June. The plan is to keep the same fall race schedule the same as I was planning. For now the prescription is a little rest, weekly coffee with friends in place of my weekend long run, and enjoying the rest. The weekend of April 12 is on my calendar for my first run back and I am going to enjoy the time in between now and then instead of wishing I was running!

Ouch! (middle broken toe)

Ouch! (middle broken toe)


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