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After a VERY LONG journey home on Friday/Sat (missed connection in Atlanta…late arrival to an airport hotel for a quick ‘nap’, then a flight into a nearby airport the next mid-morning…apparently everything into my home airport was booked up the next day, so I was routed elsewhere). I held it together…for the most part…and looked at the silver lining – I got home safe and sound. However, my weekend felt like it was cut short, but I made it home fine. So, I just vegged yesterday when I got back. Enjoyed some BBC miniseries catching up and coffee. Then I went to bed without an alarm set and selp until 8 am (gasp!). I can’t tell you the last time I slept that late. It was quite nice.

I’ve made it through 4 weeks of not running. My toe still bothers me. It’s just sore and achy now (bruising and swelling have gone down at this point). I am starting to put some pressure on my full foot, which I view as progress. But I feel I’m still 3 or so weeks out from a first run back. At this point I’m thinking fall running is about the earliest I’ll be back. I might pick something a bit ambitious (think 5 marathons in 5 days series), but we’ll see. I typically run 4-5 a year and would still like to keep that goal this year. I will just have to be creative on how I get these knocked out! In the meantime, I found a couple local triathlons for the summer (June/July) to ease back into things. I’ve started swimming a few times a week with success, daily yoga (lots of 3 legged dogs!), and weights. I’m hoping biking is on the list for later this week or early next…at least the trainier. We’ll see how that goes!

Today is a Marathon Day for the Mister. He is running our local city’s Marathon with lots of our friends. I’m a tad sad I’m sitting in waiting for them to finish, but excited to go cheer on the crew. I guess we all are in this position as some point or another! I’ve got a few more of these races that I had planned that he’ll do and I’ll watch. That’s probably the toughest part of it all. On the bright side, for the next one I’ll cycle while friends run. It’s a ‘bring your own goods’ type marathon that runs from one town to another near us in early May. By then I can leave my house on bike and meet them a few miles in and be a resource of food/water for the group. That race should be fun to be a part of…even if it is on a bike!

So…I’m off to morning yoga and then over to grab a cup of coffee and watch the marathoners finish. Timing, laughs, and photos to come later this afternoon! It’s a beautiful day here (40’s/upper 60’s), so everyone should be in good cheer when they finish and I’m sure ready for a day of relaxing!

…back from the race! It went well. The Mustache Running Club represented it very well! Brian finished in just over 4 hours with a friend and the rest of the group came in around 3:50ish. Not to shabby! Our good friend, Megan, actually won 2nd in the 25-29 ladies age group! I enjoyed watching while sipping ginger tea, but secretly (or not so secretly!) would have much rather been running with the group!

Yards from the big finish...

Yards from the big finish…

Ginger tand shadows

Ginger tea and shadows

Megan's big 2nd place age grouper finish!

Megan’s big 2nd place age grouper finish!


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