Fingers Crossed One More Week!

It’s been 7 weeks since I broke the toe…last ran. Seven long weeks! I went last week to get an image of the toe to see how the healing process was going and the diagnosis was wait two more weeks, as it’s still filling in. So, I’m really hoping my next image this upcoming weekend shows it’s healed enough to start back with some easy runs. In the meantime, I did my first non-trainer bike ride yesterday (yeah!), I started water jogged last week (much harder than it sounds!), and I can do my lap swimming and yoga workouts without any issues now. Swelling is almost all gone and things are looking and feeling more normal. Progress!

So, the break really messed with my spring/summer race schedule. As a result, I had to cancel a couple of races and a tri. So, I’ve found a few fun replacements to keep things interesting with the plan still to run 3 marathons this fall (VA, W. VA and SC). But for the short term, I am going to do a 70 mile bike in Little Rock the weekend of my 30th Birthday, the Ozark Valley Triathlon in late June and maybe a tri or two in July. That should put me on schedule to train for the marathons this fall. Yeah! Now…let’s hope for a mild summer so all the long runs aren’t like swimming in a pool of humidity!

On a different note, I scheduled movers yesterday for the move to the new house! A week from Tuesday all our things get moved into the house. Whether we get to sleep there yet or not is a whole different story! We may be hanging with friends for a few nights until the city gives us a certificate of occupancy. I’m okay with that! Things are moving a long and hopefully by the first weekend in May we’ll be in the new house. 

In the meantime, I have one last work trip before the move. I’m catching a flight out Monday to Knoxville and visiting some libraries in TN and Alabama. I’m looking forward to time around the Smokies and am hoping to get in a fun hike or two if time allows. This is travel trip 6 in 8 weeks, so I’m ready for a little slow down in travel! There is one big trip to a conference in Portland on the books for May, but that month is shaping up to bit a little calmer than March and April. 


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