Kelp and Moss

It’s halfway through this year. Crazy. As far as run years go, in the last decade this is my lowest mileage year. Curse you toe injury! I’ve had a total of maybe 9 good running weeks this year and lots of run rest weeks. I’m working with a PT now, so hopefully this is my last run rest week of the year. I’ve got 2 fall marathons and am ready to get back into the swing of things! As a result, I’ve tried to fill in with swims and bikes, but nothing makes me excited to wake up and workout like a long, early morning run. So the last couple of months it’s caught up with me a little and I’ve been feeling the blahs. …you know what I mean. Feeling the scale creep up a few lbs. I’m sure I’m the only one that has noticed, but it’s still got me feeling, well, blah! So, time to nip this feeling in the bud and do something about it. For the first few months of the year I switched back to eating a more cooked vegan diet than my raw vegan diet. So last month I switched back to my raw vegan diet (I follow this 95% of the time). I’m starting to feel like things are turning around, but why is it so easy to put on 3 or 4 lbs, but so hard to get them off?! I think my body has a mind of it’s own sometimes.

With eating a raw diet, travel is sometimes tricky. Thank goodness for Whole Foods – which is in most of my larger cities – but small college towns in the South can take some creative planning ahead. So, the dehydrator has been put to great use lately. In fact, right now I’m dehydrating some hazelnut pulp from the mylk I made earlier, some coconut meat from some mylk I made earlier, and I took my almond pulp, leftover veggie pulp from juicing, and a few soaked cashews, bound together with some veggie juice, for some homemade croutons for my salads this week. Yum!

I’ve also begun incorporating more seaweed into my diet and also trying my hand at fermenting. I’m not sure if the kim chi I made will turn out as I hope, but a few more days in the jar and I’ll start to enjoy it! I also made my first batch of pickles and those were a great success. In addition to these new homemade goodies, I tried my hand at a Raw Chocolate Hazlenut Pie today and it was an amazing success! I was a bit nervous about using Irish Moss for the first time (it had an interesting smell after soaking overnight – very ‘sea’-ish!). But as I added it to the pie filling and meringue topping, it disappeared and bound things perfectly. I know I’ll be making this again (when I have a few hours on hand to work on it – it’s not something you can throw together quickly!).

I’m actually traveling to some yummy cities next week – Kansas City and New Orleans. I’m looking forward to dinner at Cafe Gratitude and trying a new rawish/vegan restaurant in NOLA called Seed. Plus I get to cross paths and visit with one of my childhood best friends, which always make a work trip even better! 



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