New York to Vegas

That’s where I was the last week. It was a good, but oh so tiring trip! The front end of the trip was to the Big Apple. We packed up and headed north for a few days to enjoy a little R&R and celebrate our 10th anniversary. In addition, we attended NY NOW Market the last couple of days getting goodies for the shops for holiday! First for the fun…we ran every day in NYC. I mean, why wouldn’t you?! Plus, there is always a new route and fun place to discover and we wanted to take advantage of that!

NYC Run 1: Highline run. We left Midtown East and headed to the Highline and then down to the Financial District to end the route. It was a beautiful, scenic journey and we loved the above ground park! We ended right at Wall Street and enjoyed a coffee and raw bagel with almond butter and jam (MMMmmm!). Definitely try the coffee from Bluestone Lane Coffee if you’re in the area and the raw bagels from Magic Mix Juicery on Fulton St.

Running on the Highline

Running on the Highline

Run 2: Central Park. We needed to get in our long run and decided to make a giant loop around Central Park. We ended up with about 8 or so miles out of the round trip. I’ve never run on the north side of Central Park, so it was a lot of fun to run up the East side of the park and down the West side. We ended again with coffee and smoothies. Coffee place was the same as the day before, only the Midtown location and our smoothies were from Juice Generation. Let’s just say we ended up there for Breakfast almost every morning thereafter! The Joyful Almond smoothie quickly became our favorite!

Central Park Bridge

               Bridge – Central Park West

In addition to the two thought out routes, we just ran a couple little loops on our last two days in the city, as we spent the majority of our time at market. We were able to sneak in a little ‘touristy’ trip on the Hudson to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. We loved visiting NY NOW and are already looking forward to next year! We found tons of new and handmade goodies for the shops!

Hudson River While in NYC we also ate at a couple of raw/vegan restaurants in the city. Besides the juice places I mentioned above, we enjoyed a super delicious dinner at Rockin’ Raw (probably our favorite raw place of the week) and Quintessence. Both are worth a visit.

On Sunday night we caught a five hour flight cross country. We were sad to leave the city (and the 80 degree days). We were welcomed to LV with temps in the 100’s, lots of city heat, and the nicest rental car I’ve ever had (see below if you don’t believe me)! Most of our time in Las Vegas was spent in windowless convention centers and underground tunnels. I’m always amazed at how much of the city resides under the giant buildings.

Run 5: Red Rock Conservatory. The nicest part of the time in LV was when we snuck away to Red Rock Canyon on Monday and enjoy a lovely (and super tough – didn’t realize we were at 4000 feet with 90+ degree heat!) run. The first 2.5 were all uphill (aka 13 min mile – SO Slow) and then back half was the best negative split ever (9-9:15 min mile)! The scenery is gorgeous out there – you’d never know you were just a few minutes outside of the city and about 20 miles from the strip.

Run 6: Las Vegas Strip. Running the strip at 6 am is always a trip. There were lots of sticky steps from who knows what?! And seeing the crowd that early in the morning keeps things interesting!

We also tried out a raw restaurant in LV called Go Raw. I think I enjoyed it more than B did. He had a lovely dinner of raw collard wraps, hummus, and zucchini pasta. And I had a raw pizza – they make wonderful raw pizzas! It was a super colorful, flavorful dinner and I highly recommend stopping by if you’re in Las Vegas anytime soon. It’s going to go on my rotation for my trips there each spring and fall.

Rental Car

          Nicest Rental Car…Ever!

The trip home was a little interesting – red eye out of Las Vegas, missed flight in Atlanta, having to fly into an airport an hour away…yada, yada, yada! LONG day. We slept over 10 hours that next night and I even had trouble getting up for my long run this morning! Overall, it was a great trip, but it sure is good to be home!

All smiles in the Big Apple

           Yeah Vacations!





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