Race Report: Potomac River Run

I am finally back home this week! It was a super fun trip to DC by way of Charleston, Charlotte and Raleigh. We caught the front end of this crazy cold weather system on the way home Monday and came back Amazing Race style. I get super anxious when I have an Atlanta layover shorter than 35 minutes (a product of one too many missed flights and stuck overnight episodes!). So, when our first leg of the trip home was delayed and our layover shortened to about 30 min, I rebooked a route through Minneapolis on my Delta app. Brian tried the same and wasn’t able to do so. Turns out, I got the last seat home. So we said goodbye and he boarded his flight to ATL – XNA and I boarded mine to MSP – XNA. I figured one of us would make it home! The bright side – we both did. Both our flight attendants were late on the connecting flight. For B it worked out great. He would have missed his flight otherwise, so he made it home at 3 pm. My crew was two hours late and I made it back around 6 pm. The lovely boy waited at our little tiny airport for me. Super nice! So, if we were on the Amazing Race, he would have won that leg.


Since I started from the end, I’ll jump to our marathon at this point. I checked the state of Maryland off my 50 states list. Yeah! It was totally a trail marathon. Not a technical trail, but a trail nonetheless. I knew this in my head, but I forget how clumsy and slow I am on a trail! It took us 4:40 to finish this race. I felt like a turtle, but I finished and that’s all that counts. I was just using this race as a long run, so I didn’t have any time goals other than to cross the finish line. Accomplished! The race was great. It was the first time I’ve run a double out and back marathon (am pretty sure I won’t do that again!). There were around 350 folks who ran the full and half distances. We started at 8 am with the majority of the group and it was a chilly, cloudy morning. The rain held off until late afternoon so that was a relief. We kept in good spirits the entire race and Brian and I ran it together. We didn’t pass or get passed by too many people, but we did enjoy running a scenic trail for the few hours we were out. If you’re a good trail runner, this would be an awesome marathon to go out and PR. If you’re not a trail runner (cough, cough), then it’s not a PR course, but just a pretty place to run outside DC.

Marathon Finish

While in the DC area last weekend we played tourist for the couple of days before the marathon. We spent Thursday wandering around the National Mall, visiting the Natural History Museum and the Holocaust Museum, and walking around the city. On Friday we spent most of the day in the Georgetown area. Before we ended up there we did swing by and see the Cathedral and have brunch at DC’s Vegan Bakery – Sticky Fingers. Yum!


The week before DC I was in the Carolina’s for mostly work and a little play!  I attended a great conference in Charleston. The weather was amazing and I enjoyed early morning sunrise runs each day! Then I made my way to Charlotte for the weekend to see family and catch a super fun show (Noah Gunderson is fun to watch live – go if you have the chance!).



After Charlotte I made my way to the Research Triangle for a few days of meetings before heading to DC. I always love visiting that area. Overall, it was a good two weeks of travel. Work. Marathon. Concert. Tourist season. Good stuff! I will admit to being a bit tired after all the travels, but wouldn’t trade my job or trips for anything! It sure is good to be home for a few weeks though. I even put up the Christmas décor this week (gasp!). I know it’s not even Thanksgiving, but with this cold weather I just couldn’t help myself!



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