Another Year Gone

Can it be that 2014 is drawing to a close? That’s just crazy! I think the older I get the shorter the years seem! During this time of year I like to look out at the coming year and set some goals (life, running, work) and then back at the previous year to reflect on things. Deep, I know! So, 2014 was a great year. I spent a bit of time on the road traveling for work and even was able to take a few personal trips and visit some new places in the US. B and I traveled to Key West in early 2014, New York for our 10 year anniversary in August, and then did races in Southern Utah in October and another in the DC area in November. In addition, I visited all my normal places for work (MS, LA, TN, KS, AR, AL, NC, IL, NY, and MI). I ran two marathons in 2014, which was great considering I was out on ‘run rest’ the first half of the year. I broke my first bone last year and that wasn’t too much fun. But that was the only ‘first’ I can think of! Oh, we finished and moved into our lovely new house, so I guess there was another ‘first’!

house 1

So, looking into 2015 I’ve got a few goals. The first is to experiment more in the kitchen. It’s no secret I LOVE to bake. I think in another era I was a 1950’s housewife, spending most of my time in the kitchen, keeping house, and entertaining on the weekends! I’ve been working a lot lately in the gluten-free, vegan realm, as many of my friends have one allergy or another. So, as I continue to experiment I’ll be posting those success stories to the recipes section of the blog. My goal is one new recipe each week I’m home. So, that’s goal number one. Goal number two is to run 5-6 marathons this year and make it to the halfway done with the states mark (I’ve completed 20 states at the end of this year). I will be repeating Louisiana in January, but plan on running races in Virginia, Maine, and Wyoming this spring/summer and then hope to add another two states to the checklist in the fall. The third big goal is to do another month of raw. I believe we’ve decided to do this for the month of February. I’m really looking forward to that again. I do have other work and life goals, but I’m sure they’d just be boring to read about!

Also for 2015 we are taking a long road trip out to on of our favorite states, Colorado. We plan on spending a few weeks pretending we are locals in the Rocky Mountains. We’ll spend most of the month of June there and plan on doing lots of hiking, running, and staring at the beautiful landscape! I’m really looking forward to what the upcoming year holds. 2014 has been fantastic, but I’m hoping that 2015 gets even better!


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