Race Report: NOLA Marathon

Last weekend Brian and I flew to the lovely city of New Orleans for the Rock ‘n Roll New Orleans Marathon. This was marathon #1 (of many) for 2015. It was a perfect day for a run – 45 degrees at the start, 55 at the finish. We began near the French Quarter and ran out and back on St. Charles. This is my go-to route when I’m in town for work, so it was fun to run it on the road instead of the street car line. From there we made our way past Jackson Square and to Tchoupitoulas St. Next, we headed north to Mid City where the half marathon split off and finished at City Park. At this point I started having some issues. Foot issues. {Surprise, Surprise} Mainly a muscle spasm in my right foot (which I’m still paying for even today!). I seriously thought about calling it a day at that point, but the promise of a metal, finishers jacket, and not to mention the spendy race fee kept me going! In hindsight, this might not have been the smartest move, but I powered through! We ran around City Park and then headed out on Lakeshore Dr. for another out and back. We turned around near the University of New Orleans and made our way back to City Park for the finish.

Marathon Finish

We were greeted by lots of chocolate milk (apparently the new beverage of athletes?!), which we did not partake. As soon as I stopped running, the tightening up of the bottom of my right foot started and I spent the next three days hobbling around meetings! It was rough. I’m getting close to running again (fingers crossed). My prescription for getting better is yoga, stretching, massages, more yoga, salt baths, and a little more yoga. Since those are all things I like to do, I’m taking this as a rest break in prep for my 5 marathons I hope to run throughout the year. The goal is to get to 25 states by the end of December. Next week starts the long water runs if I can’t make it happen on pavement (mind numbing, I know!).

Okay…back to the race…overall, this rock ‘n roll marathon was probably my favorite. I find they are very hit or miss depending on the city. This one was definitely was on the top of my list. The route was very scenic New Orleans and seeing the city on foot was great. Plus, NOLA in the spring is wonderful! I would recommend this race to anyone that was considering a Southern winter marathon.

The day after the race, since this was B’s first visit to NOLA, we took the time to head to the quarter and take in a few sights before heading to Baton Rouge to visit family and work. Not to mention, we went to my favorite coffee place each morning!

St. Louis Cathedral

Jackson Square

I spent the week working in Baton Rouge and New Orleans before catching a flight and heading to Chicago (yes, I caught the snow storm on Sunday!). Chicago was great as always. I enjoyed visiting two of my favorite cities for work this past week. In Chicago I attended the Midwinter ALA (American Library Association) Conference. Besides watching lots of white stuff fall from the sky, I spent time with colleagues and even had the chance to pose for a picture with my company’s cat mascots! Yes… I’ll leave you with this little tid-bit…librarians + cats = a match made in heaven!

B&T Cats

So, hopefully by this time next week my foot will be back to it’s normal self and me and the road will be old friends again! I’ve got a March Marathon on the calendar and really hope that will happen.


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