KS to CO

We left Western Kansas this morning in a mass of haze/fog and sprinkles. Visibility was almost nothing as we drive into the state of Colorado. Both Brian and I were happy to see the Welcome to Colorado sign an hour into our drive. I was in the midst of 3 hours worth of conference calls, so I wasn’t much help driving or being a good conversationalist this morning! As I wrapped up my last call, we pulled into the park where we planned on running our last little run before Sunday’s marathon. It was still sprinkling outside, so we threw on the rain jackets, our running shoes, and headed out on the Cherry Creek Trail in Denver.

Cherry Creek Path {Denver}

Cherry Creek Path {Denver}

Turn around point

Turn around point

Off the path on towards Cherry Creek

Off the path on towards Cherry Creek

The path was well kept and flanked by a creek to one side and neighborhoods to the other. Nothing to eventful, but a very welcome change to sitting in a car. After our quick pre-lunch run, we headed to lunch.

I have to add, that I do LOTS of food research before heading into a city I’m not super familiar with. Being a mostly raw vegan, I tend to over research places to eat. I’d put myself in the foodie category, but with a very selective diet! After some digging around for fun places to eat in Denver, I settled on Happy Leaf Kombucha. I knew that this place wasn’t Brian’s first choice (he doesn’t drink kombucha and fermented foods aren’t at the top of his list!), but he was a sport and let me pick the destination. I think we were both pleasantly surprised at the tastiness of lunch. I started with a kombucha flight – 5 small kombucha samples. All were delicious, but the Lemongrass Mint was hands down my favorite. Then for our meal I had the fermented appetizer (pickles, beets, sauerkraut, sprouts, and asparagus) and a salad with sprouts, lettuce, peanuts, and a Thai-peanut type dressing. Yum! Brian stayed with a hummus plate and a Thai butternut squash soup – both of which he said were delicious! Defiantly a win for the lunch pick!

Ash's Fermented Goodies and Salad

Ash’s Fermented Goodies and Salad

Kombucha Flight

Kombucha Flight

We packed back up into the car and made the drive North to Fort Collins where I grabbed a quick yoga practice at a studio near our hotel, dinner, and then we crashed! Tomorrow brings a bit more yoga, coffee with friends, and then the last bit of the drive to Casper, WY where the marathon weekend will start!


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