RAWgust Take II

So, last year the mister and I did a month of raw in August. Thus, the month of RAWgust. It was a great success. I find eating all raw in the summer is much easier than the winter and a lot more enjoyable. I tend to keep to a mostly raw diet (I’d say 80% raw/20% cooked), but every once in a while I find going 30 days 100% raw is a great reset. Plus, it pushes me to get creative with my meals. Yes, the prep takes longer, but the payoff is super healthy, alive food that makes me feel great!

I actually started a few days early and made the switch at the beginning of the week. The only temptations are the giant bags of raw nuts in my pantry. I could easily get sick off those bad boys if I don’t watch out. Sometimes I just don’t know when to stop! So, in prep for the first of August, I’ve been busy this week making a giant batch of Pear Fig Grawnola, Coconut Bacon, Cocoa Maca Balls, Apple Kale Bread and Caramel Date Sauce. Yum! With all the dehydrating I used my dehydrate setting on my Viking oven for the first time. It’s much quieter than the Excalibur, but I was afraid to leave it on overnight. It took a couple days, but I finished a great batch of Coconut Bacon and Apple Kale Bread (using leftover juice pulp). Now I’m all set for snacks and lunch options.

We officially kick off the month on Saturday. I don’t have any big expectations, other than I hope to feel better at the end of the month. We spend a couple weeks on the road, so I’ll get to visit my favorite raw restaurants in NYC and Las Vegas. In addition, I’ll be in Kansas City, Hot Springs, and New Orleans this month. I’ve got my favorites lined up and will be sure to share those experiences with you!


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