Race Report: White Rock 25k

It was a beautiful day in Arkansas for a trail run! The race had a 9 am start time, so we headed out around 5:45 am to drive to the top of White Rock to drop a car. The very top of the mountain marked the 25k turn around for the race and seemed like the logical place to end up…with our part being a 25k and all that jazz! After we dropped car, five of us piled in the Subaru to head down the mountain to the starting line. The winding dirt service road was quite a long drive (or so it seemed, we were all just ready to run!). Near the start we parked the car and went to sign in for the start of the race and drop our $5 donation race fee in the box! After a few minutes the six of us from The Mustache Running Club grabbed all our water and fuel and started the trek to the top of White Rock.

Of the six of us that drove out to run, there were four guys and two ladies. The guys left us around the first aid station. We weren’t too far behind, but myself and the other lady running lost sight of them at that point. The race started around 750 ft and finished at 2300 ft, so we did a bit of climbing! {Out/up:  3500’ total climb, 1900’ total descent}.

The first three miles were all uphill. What a way to start the journey – already wheezing! After the first aid station, things leveled off a bit and were a little downhill. The trail was a forest service road, so the terrain wasn’t too technical, but it was quite dusty! Every time a car passed (there weren’t many of them) we took in a nose-full of dirt!

There was another little climb around mile 7-8 and then we were graced by a bit of downhill! Despite all the hard climbing, the little gifts of downhill gave my legs and my mind a nice break!

Around mile 10 the journey was almost all uphill to the end. Parts of this leg felt never ending, but the views off the side of the trail made it all worth it! Though the trees were still winter bear, the cliffside and valley views were so beautiful. Sometimes I forget that there are these beautiful Arkansas landscapes about an hour out of the city.

After just over three hours of running/climbing we peaked at the top. We signed the sheet saying we were alive and well and then took a few congratulatory group photos! Turns out we were less than 10 minutes behind the guys. I call that a victory in itself! This race was great practice for the Tahoe Rim 55k that I have coming up in July. I’m sure the climbing on this race is nothing compared to elevation and climbing this summer.



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