Race Report: Valentines 8k

By the shorts and tank tops you would never know that this race took place on Feb. 11! It was a very spring-like day for the Bentonville Valentines 8k. I ran this race with my beau, Brian, and my youngest sister, Avery. The race was a little out/back and loop around a neighborhood a couple of towns north of ours. This was the first race I’ve participated in since the Lake Tahoe 55k and the first time I had run continuous in months. I spent most of the last 6 months with some weird foot issue that resulted in run rest for about half the time. I’m just getting back into double digit runs and gearing up for two races on my spring calendar – a marathon in Ohio and my first 50-miler in Maine. Two more states to check off the list!

Okay, the race report – the route actually ended up being about 5 miles even. We slow rolled it at just over 53 minutes and I was totally okay with that time! The wind, oh the wind! That was the best part of this race. It was 20 mph and holding steady, making for a great time when we ran with it and fighting when we ran into it! The vibe and company for this race was great fun and ending right on the Bentonville square to enjoy some Onyx coffee made it even better! It was a nice first race back for the spring. Now just need to get a couple of half marathons under my belt before the longer two distances this season!

The ‘fun’ news of the day – my bottom wisdom tooth started to come in. Boo! That means it puts me out a few days to a week of running when I get those bad boys removed in a few weeks. I thought being in my 30’s I had escaped the wisdom teeth coming in, but I guess since my teeth take forever to come in (I didn’t loose my first tooth until 2nd grade and my last baby tooth until 11th grade) I shouldn’t be surprised. Silver lining – I get a few sick days from work out of the bargain and a few days of forced rest. I’m sure my legs and feet will welcome the break!


The Bentonville Race series kicked off its first race of the 2017 season. Valentines 8k/4k


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